Two kids realize what a landline phone is — and that they "actually work" — in a hilarious TikTok that's making everyone feel old.

The clip is captioned: "POV: You're seeing a landline phone for the first time. Lol."

In the viral video, two young girls discover landline phones for the first time, much to their shock.

First, the older child picks up the landline on the wall and blurts out in surprise, "It's actually working!"

"Yeah it's... it's a phone," the woman filming replies.

"Can I do your number?" the girl asks. Both kids are in awe when the woman tells them it will indeed ring and call her cellphone.

After punching in the phone number, one of the little girls ask, "What do I do now?," to which the woman replies, "Put it up to your ear."

The video then cuts to a different landline phone, where the girls start a new call and the youngest covers her mouth in shock when it goes through.

"That's cool!" the older girl exclaims.

Watch below:

The video has collected over 1 million views as of publishing, with many surprised that we've now reached a point where younger generations have never come into contact with a landline phone.

Although some people's grandparents still have landlines installed, many kids have grown up in the last few years without ever having seen one, as they're used to the sleek screens of iPhones and Androids.

"Omg I thought y’all was in a museum and not someone’s house," one person commented, accentuating that smart phones have truly taken over.

"This is hurting my feelings," another viewer griped.

"F--- I feel old," someone else commented.

Hilariously, the girls' favorite part of the experience was hanging up the landline phone.

"The idea that you could slam the phone down [was] so exciting to her," the person who posted the video shared while replying to one of the comments. "They were so excited. She wants a phone just to be able to 'hang up' lol."

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