In the most uplifting, Ultimate Warrior kind of way, this kid manages to break a board in his karate class only after his classmates cheer him on.

A young karate student named Phoenix was struggling to break a board during a karate class. As his instructor is telling him he can do it, and how to do it, he's not hitting the board hard enough.

I think we all know the feeling of being a kid, having everyone staring at us, and what you're trying to do isn't working. His frustration shined through just a little bit as tears welled up.

That's when his classmates got behind him. They start to chant his name. And in true WWE, Ultimate Warrior, you can do anything the louder the crowd cheers, moment, he succeeds in breaking the board!

His classmates then surround, and tackle him in excitement. His instructor is truly proud of him.

This. This is your feel good story/video of the day.

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