Say what you will about Kim Kardashian-West, but it seems she's almost always game for something silly and unexpected.

Kim took part in a hilarious new segment with Jimmy Kimmel for his hit late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live! and was asked a few "ridiculous" questions. Sitting in a dimly lit bar, Jimmy (playing bartender) asks the social media and reality star which of her many sisters does she think  is most likely to sue her.

Without almost any hesitation, Kim answers "Kourtney." When Kimmel asked why she named her older sister Kim replies, "She is ruthless."

Kimmel asks if Kourtney has ever threatened legal action against Kim. "Maybe as a joke," Kim says smiling. "When I used her [as a ] character in a video game – And I paid her. She wanted more," she reveals.

Watch the full segment above to find out the last time Kim personally spoke with a telemarketer, and why she "tries to be nice," when she does.

Kim + Kourtney Look Like They Want To Kill Each Other


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