The demand for King Cakes is growing as the Bayou State gets into the Mardi Gras season. With a longer carnival season and the Saints in the playoffs, Bakery director for Rouses Markets, Michelle Knight, says their 59 bakeries will be busy between local sales and shipping orders nationwide.

“We’re going to try and beat 500,000 King Cakes that we have done in the past,” said Knight.

Knight said there are many variations of the King Cake to choose from with it comes to fillings, but when it comes to the most popular…

“The top-selling King Cake is actually the plain one, then cream cheese, and then Bavarian,” said Knight.

With so many choices in King Cakes, Knight said many may find it tricky to pick a favorite.

“My favorite is probably a favorite between cream cheese and praline because I’m a New Orleans girl,” said Knight.

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