So, we've all made awkward comments we wish we could take back.  Most times, a slip of the tongue happens in person.  You mistakenly ask a woman how far along she is (she's not pregnant), ask how someone how married life is treating them (divorce), or something along those lines.  As unfortunate as those situations are, they are usually just fleeting moments of embarrassment we can soon forget.

My friend, once you elevate your faux-pas to the Twitter level - you have changed the game!  Right now that game has one true champion - Kristi Yamaguchi.

I don't think that Kristi meant to remind Nancy Kerrigan of the 1994 attack orchestrated by Olympic rival Tonya Harding - that almost broke her leg.  Yikes!

This is almost assuredly an accident, but the twitter comments don't even care!

There are way more comments.  If you get a free hour or ten - go check them out.  They are guaranteed laugh.

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