Another of the old Gods is bidding America farewell. Following some initial uncertainties, American Gods star Kristin Chenoweth has taken a new NBC role that spells out “no future plans” for Season 2 of the Starz drama.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the Pushing Daisies star has taken the central role of NBC’s Trial and Error Season 2, replacing John Lithgow’s defendant role from the first season. Executive producer Jeff Astrof noted in his press release that Chenoweth “thankfully for us became available at the right time,” while the report adds “Sources tell THR that the actress has no future plans at this time to return the Starz drama after showrunner and her frequent collaborator Bryan Fuller (and co-showrunner Michael Green) were pushed out.”

Previously, Chenoweth indicated she was open to returning for American Gods Season 2 in her role as Easter/Ostara, saying “When Bryan was the showrunner, I was coming back for several episodes, but I don’t know now. It depends on who it is and if they think I add value or not.” Chenoweth joins her fellow goddess Gillian Anderson in departing the series over Fuller and Green’s contentious exit.

Most recently, Season 2 set Star Trek: Discovery alum Jesse Alexander to showrun Season 2, sharing duties with author Neil Gaiman. The American Gods creator was reportedly “unhappy with the direction Fuller and Green planned to take season two as their vision was not a straight adaptation of his source material,” and – as a result – the first six written scripts will be tossed. Alexander’s Season 2 vision was also said to “ignore” the prior finale’s cliffhanger, which could explain Chenoweth’s absence as Easter.

Best estimates for American Gods Season 2 put a premiere in the first half of 2019, but stay tuned for the latest.

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