Meet KVKI's latest Hump Day Hunk of the Week John Morrison! He's a WWE superstar and he'll be here next month for Geek'd Con 2016 presented by Margaritaville Resort and Casino!

John Morrison aka John Hennigan isn't just a pretty face for the WWE, he's also an actor with a lengthy resume. The 6'1" 211 pound 36-year-old wrestler is a fan favorite in the WWE, especially with women (like me!)

John has trained in the French discipline of Parkour which makes his nickname the 'Prince of Parkour' apropos. He also has a unique sense of fashion and a passion for pyrotechnics which makes him a natural guest for next month's Geek'd Con 2016. After all, we're from Louisiana. We like blowing stuff up! BTW, you'll be able to get his autograph at Geek'd Con for just $20. You never know... he may be persuaded to show you the Capoeira Leg Drop personally, or maybe even the Powerbomb or Superkick.

BTW, one of John's good friends is John Cena... Hubba! Hubba!

John Cena Visits Children From The Garden Of Dreams Foundation
George Napolitano/FilmMagic/Getty Images

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