How many times have you heard that the state of Louisiana is first in everything bad and last in everything good?

When it comes to the amount of people who have a bachelor's degree or more, Louisiana is second to last in the nation, and a new program is aimed at helping us change that ranking.

The program, LA Compete, helps adults who have some college credit, go back and get their degree.

The program helps in a variety of ways including pairing you with a coach, free of charge, who can help you navigate the red tape that can often been involved with getting back to college.

Henderson says,

"Louisianians can compete at the highest levels provided they have the educational foundation to adapt in this new technology-driven reality. The future of work offers boundless opportunities for the prepared, and Compete LA is a platform to assist our citizens in reach their full potential."

In the state of Louisiana, there are 653,000 people who have earned some college credits, but they did not go on to earn a degree.

UL Lafayette President Joseph Savoie says,

"The program will create more informed citizens, bolster the economy, and strengthen families-all through the skills and knowledge a college education provides."

If this all sounds interesting to you, you can find out more at, or you can download the app on your phone by visiting the app store or going to Google Play.

So how are things going? Henderson says they have already connected with over a thousand students who are interested in the program. More than half of those individuals have more than 120 credit hours which is what you need for a degree.

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