Like many of us, animals too were affected by Hurricane Delta.

One Louisiana family rescued a baby squirrel after it was displaced during the storm and now this squirrel is living its best life!

Not only is it being fed and taken care of, the squirrel, which is now named Delta, has even received a warm bath. And as you can see in the video below, he appeared to LOVE it.

The family who rescued Delta tells me that they made many efforts to release it, but the mother of the squirrel wanted nothing to do with it after it fell from the nest.

So, the family reached out to a group of local squirrel rehabbers and they are now following feeding guidelines and hope to release Delta out into his natural habitat once it is strong to survive on its own.

According to the family who rescued the baby squirrel, "He is now eating 3/4’s of an ounce every feeding with a 2-hour nap afterwards. Getting stronger every day!"

What a great story. So many baby birds and squirrels were not so fortunate as many were displaced as Hurricane Delta swept through South Louisiana.




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