Sports betting continues to grow in our state as the Louisiana House has approved a bill legalizing sports betting in bars and restaurants.

I've said for years that it blows my mind how Louisiana does not have sports betting. It was always mind-blowing to me, for many reasons. To think, if I wanted to use a website like FanDuel, I would have to drive to the Texas line to place mt bets. Of course, if I was doing it, I know everyone else in Louisiana who wanted to bet on sports was doing the same thing. Whether that was driving to Texas or finding another way to place their bets, the simple truth is that those in our state who wanted to bet on sports were doing it, with or without Louisiana's approval. That's money our state could have been making for YEARS, so I never understood why it took so long to pass here.

The Louisiana House has passed a bill that establishes the tax and fee structure for sports betting in Louisiana. The measure has been approved in 55 of our parishes. Yes, both Caddo and Bossier are on that list.

The bill also gave power to the Louisiana Lottery to oversee sports betting inside bars and restaurants in our state. In other words, my Sundays at Buffalo Wild Wings just got a whole lot better.

The plan is to have sports betting kiosks at establishments in Louisiana that serve alcohol.

Big news for sports betting, and also bars and restaurants in our state!



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