Louisiana’s Republican Congressional Delegation is supporting the President’s decision not to strike Iran after the country rocketed two US bases in Iraq following the assassination of an Iranian general.

Senator John Kennedy says he’s glad we’re not looking at a full-scale war with Iran and hopes the Iranian pledge to halt further attacks holds up so that diplomacy can resume.

“I hope that our friends in NATO will join with us in trying to sit down with the Ayatollah and confect a settlement. We do not want war, the President has said that and I believe him,” says Kennedy.

12 to 20 rockets were fired at the two bases but resulted in no US or allied casualties.

The dramatic start to the year has prompted a House vote today that would limit the President’s ability to initiate further military action against Iran. Kennedy doubts it will last long in the Senate.

“That resolution will be heard, I do not think it will pass,” says Kennedy. “I do not think that the President had to have the authority of Congress to do what he did in eliminating Suleimani.”

The resolution was first introduced after Iranian General Qassem Suleimani was killed by a drone strike outside an airport in Iraq on January 3rd.

The rising tensions have reversed a years-long trend in reducing the US military presence in the Middle East. Kennedy says whether or not the troops can come home is dependent on how Iran proceeds.

“I don’t want to put everything on Iran, but from where I sit Iran is responsible for about 75% of our problems in the Middle East,” says Kennedy.

There are roughly 5,000 American troops stationed in Iraq right now.

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