Last week I went to go buy a celebratory bottle for a friends birthday after I picked out the perfect vodka I walked up to the counter and I reached for my I.D. and realized I forgot my wallet at home. I have a credit card saved on my phone for emergencies like this. I had a bottle of vodka sitting there and I could have paid for it with my cell phone, but my I.D. was needed. I went and put the liquor back and had to run home. Why didn't I know that there's a Louisiana digital driver's license app? This app can now be used instead of your I.D. to buy beer, liquor, and cigarettes. The Lousiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control has authorized the LA Wallet cell phone app for age verification. Retailers will need to train their employees before they accept the app as a verification method, and retailers still have the right to ask that you present a physical form of I.D.

The LA Wallet cellphone app will cost you $5.99 and after that, you can use the app for legal identification. According to the app is "100% Legal for driving purposes per Louisiana law of Act 625 of the 2016 season." and  "Louisiana State Police will accept the LA Wallet Digital Driver's License!"

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