So you waited until the day of, huh? Don't worry, we got you.

Alright fellas, the day is here. It's officially Valentine's Day. Have you planned anything? It's okay if you haven't because you can still wow that special lady in your life. The first thing you have to remember is KISS... Keep It Simple, Stud. Yeah, that's right, I replaced "stupid" with "stud" because you're not stupid and you need a little boost of confidence to pull this off.

To me, Valentine's Day is a time to go back to the simple days of dating.

Think about the little things you would do when you just couldn't stop thinking about that person. Yes, I'm asking you to simplify this over-commercialized holiday. You were waiting for me to say that, weren't you?

Well, now that we're on the same page, here on some things you can do to make your special someone feel just that... special.

Show Up

Wherever your lovely lady is today, surprise her. Whether at work, at home or out running errands, surprise her by showing up. You can take her to lunch, bring her her favorite coffee, offer to finish her errands for her... whatever. Your woman thinks about you pretty much all day long. Knowing you took a moment out of your day to be a part of hers is huuuuuge.

Woo With Words

I know what you're thinking. Eww, gross. I haven't written anything since college. Don't complicate it. My hubby is not a wordsmith, so when he takes time to write something, even just a few sentences, it makes me cry. Every. Single. Time. Write what you feel, speak from the heart. It doesn't have to be an essay, but it certainly can be at the same time. After all, you're writing about your favorite subject, right? If all else fails, pull a Mr. Big and quote a famous poet or something.

Honey See, Honey Do

Ob-ser-vay-shun. Observation, is the key! Nope. Concentration is not the key, observation is. For just one day this year, open your eyes and look at your wife, home, kids, etc. through the eyes of your woman. She will never tell you how much she hates doing laundry, or how getting the kids ready for bed is a circus she no longer wants to be the ring leader of, and whoever complained about walking into a clean house? If you see a need, handle it. If you don't see a need, make one up and handle it.

Feed the Beast

Not the most lovey-dovey description, but if your woman is anything like me, she looooves to eat. Make her a meal. It doesn't have to be a three-course, five-star meal. It can be peanut butter and jelly with pretzels and apple slices. How can you mess up PB&J? The focus here is that you made something for her. Ok, maybe you can cut the sandwiches into heart shapes. If you're not a chef and don't want to give her food poisoning, order her favorite dish from her favorite restaurant and serve it with candlelight. With Waitr, you can have anything at your doorstep within the hour.


But it's Valentine's Day. Aren't we supposed to be together? Of course you are, but if you want better quality time together for both of you, then take care of her first. Draw up a bath with bubbles, pour a glass of wine, light candles and then get out. Take the kids out for ice cream, go for a walk, go watch basketball in the other room. The important thing is to give her time to relax and feel pampered. Do this and she will certainly return the favor.

Sneak Away

Romantic dinners out can be beautiful, but they can also be highly impersonal. Everyone else is there eating the same steak and lobster and hearing the same cheesy lines from the same waiter. Steal her away for a coffee date and find a cozy spot in the corner to just talk. Grab ice cream and go for a walk. Drive out to the middle of nowhere, crack a few beers and enjoy the quiet. This trumps reservations in my book every time.

Be You

Cheesy, right? But it's the truth. Remember that she fell in love with you. Whether you're Prince Charming or Aladdin, she only has eyes for you. You both have your own love language and no one speaks it better than the two of you. This is what makes Valentine's Day so romantic and if you just try to do something from the bottom of your heart, there is truly nothing more sexy.

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