The latest report from the Louisiana Department of Education shows significant growth when it comes to High School Seniors earning college credit before they graduate.  This can be achieved in a few different ways.  I remember taking a dual-credit English course while attending Gladewater High in East Texas a few years ago.  I did it because when I moved from Colorado, not all of my credits transferred.  Taking the class was the easiest way to rectify the situation, and still graduate on time.  I also earned college credit in the process.  Other (very academically advanced) folks took classes like the one I was in to get a head start on their college education.  Louisiana has another way to earn this credit.  It's called Advanced Placement, and it consists of some ultra-hard classes and a national exam that has very strict scoring requirements.  Make no mistake, there is virtually no way of getting college credit while in High School that doesn't require a large amount of dedication and hard work.  That's why Louisiana students need to be recognized and celebrated!

According to US News and World Report, Louisiana Superintendent of Education John White announced this morning during a press conference that the findings from this latest report showed a 10% increase in High School students that earned college credit.

Now for the bad news: The Advocate reports that Louisiana students ranked 49th in the country when it comes to grabbing that college credit during or before 12th grade.  For 5 years in a row, Louisiana students have increased this number - but we are just so far behind.  In total, only 8% of students in the Bayou State earn these credits, while the national average is 22%.

State officials vow to take more steps to increase these numbers.  The next report of this kind is due out in the Spring of next year.

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