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I feel like we've regressed all the way back to trying to figure out what color the dress is. For the record, I can tell you, the dress was BLUE! But let's face it, if we were going to have a screwy optical illusion including a creepy clown, it would have to happen in 2020. Especially with how many people are scared to death of clowns.

While I'm not personally adverse to clowns, I have some thoughts on this particular optical illusion. At first, I thought it was an elaborate hoax and that the people who say they saw the creepy clown were full of 'manure.' Then, I finally saw the clown after someone had to outline its shape for me. Now I think the people who see the clown unaided have some sort of twisted weird psychological condition. I mean, you're seeing a creepy clown versus a silver muzzled black lab. I'll take a sweet puppy all day long over a creepy looking clown. Tell me I'm wrong!

I think the people who say they see a clown are making it up. That’s clearly a dog.

Posted by Erin Bristol on Sunday, September 27, 2020

So there it is. The latest, greatest internet optical illusion. What do you see? Click on the post to tell us your thoughts and feel free to give me a follow!

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