Legislation has advanced to the House floor that seeks to lower auto insurance rates. Louisiana reportedly has the second-highest average auto insurance rates in the nation and River Ridge Representative Kirk Talbot says his bill would create a legal environment that would reduce the costs for insurance companies.

“Bodily injury claims are very high,when we talk to insurance companies that is driving their costs up,” said Talbot.

Talbot’s measure would lower the state’s threshold for requiring a civil trial to $5,000 from the current $50,000, take away the ability to sue an insurance company directly and extend the time limit to file a suit from one year to two.

“If you a longer time to work out a settlement with your insurance company, it will cause less cases, which drives costs down,” said Talbot.

The House Civil Law committee approved the legislation on a five to two vote. Shreveport Representative Sam Jenkins voted against it, because he believes insurance companies can do more on their own to lower rates.

‘I hope we can see more participation from the insurance company side on this issue, because I do think there are some things that can and should be addressed on that side,” said Jenkins.

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