Les Miles has now been paid over a million bucks to be a free man.

The ole grass-eating ex-head coach of the LSU Tigers is now free to chase any job he sees fit. When LSU fired Les Miles in 2016, they still owed him $6.5 Million. In his firing, Les kind of had it made. He was getting paid $133,000 a month, to literally do nothing. However, if he wished to go after a new head coaching job, or even a full-time TV gig, that income would have stopped.

Today, Les and LSU agreed on a payout of $1.5 Million. Les could have made more money in the long run, but clearly he's ready to get back out there pursuing what he loves.

Speaking of Miles and football, Les is currently the front-runner for the Kansas head coaching job and might get locked in very soon, according to Sports Illustrated.


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