World Blood Donor Day is coming up tomorrow, and the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, serves as a reminder of the importance of a stable blood supply.

LifeShare Blood Centers is encouraging locals to donate blood to help save lives during disasters like that one. According to LifeShare, while a call went out to immediately replenish the blood supply in the Orlando area, blood donated by people more than a day in advance of the tragedy was necessary to sustain life during medical treatment.

"We are deeply saddened and our sympathy goes out to those affected. The tragedy is a harsh reminder of the importance of blood donors that give in advance of the need," said LifeShare spokeswoman Tina Hooper in a news release. "It takes more than 100 blood donors every day to provide blood in this community for daily patient needs and to be prepared for disasters. We welcome and are grateful for all blood donors, and encourage anyone eligible to donate on a regular basis."

Hooper said it takes a little while before the donated blood can be put to use. The first 24 to 48 hours are spent on testing and processing.

On June 14, LifeShare will join with blood banks across the world to honor donors in conjunction with the World Health Organization's World Blood Donor Day. The theme this year is "Blood Connects Us All."

You can stop by any LifeShare location in Louisiana, east Texas or south Arkansas to donate. CLICK HERE for a list of locations and hours.


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