The recent changes in fee structures for Louisiana hunting and fishing licenses have created a little bit of confusion among the state's sportsmen. Namely, there is concern that the "lifetime" fishing and hunting license was going away. While there are changes being made to the "lifetime" license sportsmen will still be able to obtain one.

As of June 1st of 2022 the individual lifetime hunting and fishing licenses will be phased out. Those are the licenses that, if you purchased one, cost you $300. As of June 1, 2022, a combination lifetime hunting and fishing license will be made available. The fee for that license will be $500.

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The changes in the licensing and the fee structure are a result of the recently passed changes regarding the fees sportsmen pay for the privilege of hunting and fishing in the state. Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries officials said the fee increases were needed to cover budget shortfalls and to maintain vital services the department provides.

According to LDWF Undersecretary Bryan McClinton, there are benefits to combination hunting and fishing license. The new license will basically give sportsmen all the privileges they need to legally hunt or fish with gear fees included. That means that any legal method with any legal gear will be covered by this license. McClinton told the Louisiana Radio Network.

Outside of dynamite and electricity you can fish and any legal method of archery, primitive, gun, any legal species you can hunt

And no, you won't be able to purchase a "dynamite or electrical" fishing license.

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Now, if you currently hold a lifetime Louisiana hunting or fishing license don't worry. Your licenses will be grandfathered in with all of the privileges as of June 1, 2022. If you have further questions you can find those answers on the Louisiana Department of Wildlife website. 

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