YouTube user ESBisMyMuse uploaded the video on the site shortly after the storm on Wednesday with the following description:  ‘I caught three direct strikes to the Empire State Building lightning rod after midnight on 4/13/11 during a severe thunderstorm.

‘I actually saw a fourth direct hit, but sadly wasn't filming at the time.  I've never seen so many hits on the ESB in one night.  It was ridiculous!  But so much fun to watch.

‘Whoever said lightning doesn't strike twice was wrong. :)’

The video has quickly become one of the most shared clips on YouTube and is among the most popular trending videos.

The Empire State Building, which measures 1,454ft in height, is hit by lightning an average of 100 times a year, but rarely in such quick succession.

A video of lightning striking the top of the Empire State Building in New York three times in a row during a severe thunderstorm has become the latest YouTube clip to go viral this week.  Click Here to see this amazing video footage!