Litter education, that's a thing now. The Louisiana House doesn't seem to believe that kids understand that littering is wrong. So they want to make it mandatory for kids from kindergarten to fifth grade take a class in don't throw trash anywhere other than in a proper receptacle.

Really? There are people that don't understand you shouldn't dump your personal waste and trash in the street. Holy Cow!

Are we really raising children to be that ignorant of common decency? Thank you, House of Representatives for your wisdom and guidance. You seem to believe there won't be a need for the next generation to think at all. I guess you're going to do that for them until we turn them loose on society as ignorant, non-functioning adults.

Don't get me wrong. I hate litter and I despise people who do litter. However, I think making it a mandatory part of the educational curriculum seems a bit much.

Will we also mandate the teaching of butt-wiping? How about not stealing? Maybe we could teach the little nippers the importance of not jabbing a hot poker in their eyes too.

Maybe I live in the wrong world. But, I do think there are more important things a kid should learn.

Teaching kids not to litter begins at home. I agree that offering enforcement of that concept in school is a good idea and should be done as part of a social studies curriculum. I don't think teaching a child not to litter should be given a similar priority as reading, reading, or reading. Have you figured out I think reading is really important?

Oh, you could throw in spelling, how to fill out a tax form, how to register to vote, how to properly respond to a police officer during a traffic stop, how to balance a bank account, and how to create a personal budget. I know those are only minor things compared to teaching our "future" not to crap in the bed they sleep in.

This legislation has all the feel and texture of a political grandstand on an issue that shouldn't have become an issue. If you want to teach kids that littering is a bad idea you can do this. Have them pick up trash in the middle of a hot Spring day. Or let them sweep up after a festival. That would be a lesson learned and would also teach the kids that if they don't study hard this could be their future.




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