A little guy in the Phoenix area got hungry the other day and he decided to call 911 to order some food. The operator says 5-year-old Charlie Skabelund wanted to order a Happy Meal from McDonalds.

Mesa PD

Well, just a few minutes later, a Mesa police officer delivered the food to the little boys home, but he also gave him a lesson on when it's ok to use 911.

The boys dad, Randy Skabelund talked to a dispatcher who called back to say his boy must have gotten a hold of his cell phone to make the call and that he was well cared for and not in desperate need of food.

spoke to the dispatcher in a follow-up call to say there wasn't an emergency and his son Charlie must have had his cellphone.

The officer who showed up to answer the call brought with him a Happy Meal but he also had a talk with Charlie about when it's appropriate to call 911.

The boy's mom, Kim Skabelund, says police handled the situation with "love and kindness."