It seems very presumptive of me to question a company's ability to rank its own products. But that's exactly what I am doing. The company in question is Little Debbie. Truly my first love as a child. To be honest we still go pretty steady almost every afternoon after work.

I have to admit two of the three snacks listed in "The Legends" category are my all-time Little Debbie favorites. Namely, the Nutty Buddy, and the Oatmeal Creme Pie. Those Christmas Tree looking things are wretched but I guess somebody likes them.

The Twittersphere also went ballistic over some exclusions. The company inadvertently left off Fudge Rounds and Banana Twins. I say inadvertently, I would not include either of those treats in my personal list of Little Debbie diversions.

In the category of "you see it, you want it" what is up with those awful powdered donut things? There is nothing good about a store-bought powdered donut. If you want a donut you should go to Meche's and get a good donut. Sorry Little D but we have laws in this town.

There was also a little stink raised by some on Twitter about the placement of Zebra Cakes in the "Crowd Pleasers" category. I have yet to meet the crowd or the individual actually who was pleased with being served a Zebra Cake.

I don't understand the reasoning of those who claim the Zebra Cakes should have been elevated. They are basically dry Ding Dongs with a waxy white icing. What's to love about that?

Regardless, I am sure you have more than two cents you'd like to toss into this discussion. I realize that since I have probably offended your great sense of Little Debbie taste. I have also made disparaging remarks about some of your childhood favorite snacks. So, I know you need to vent.

However, if there is one thing I think we can all agree on it's this. The fact that we live in a world with Little Debbie is much better than having to live in a world without Little Debbie.


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