Watching my two Shih Tzu puppies race around my yard is one of those "little things in life" that transports me out of daily concerns. For a few minutes, I follow them as they rocket around the yard; they don't really run, they LEAP! They take great strides with itty-bitty short legs and seem to fairly fly a mere 12 inches off the ground! It's an endearing sight that they have SO much energy.

I'm sure everyone has their favorite breed/species of dog/pet. Some might not even like the idea of pets of any kind. And I'm not inviting debate on pet/no pet or breed/species. I'm simply saying that for a few brief minutes, I think about nothing else than the amazingly graceful, energetic and unbridled movment of Lulu and Zoe  and how that eases my mind into the little things in life that can be joyful.

Then, I come to my senses and realize I've got other things to do. So now, I have to catch Lulu and Zoe and bring them back inside. another endeavor all its own!

(photos: HJ)

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