Life in Shreveport can be hard to explain, but I think Jim Carrey can do it.

If you've lived in Shreveport for any amount of time, you'll totally relate to this. Today, I worked very hard searching for Jim Carrey GIFs that perfectly describes life in Shreveport. Look, it's a tough job, but someone has to do it!

Enjoy the list below, alrighty then?


  •  1

48 Weeks Out of the Year


  •  2

    Those Other Four Weeks


  •  3

    Traffic Jam on Youree Drive


    • 4

      Traffic Jam on Airline Drive


    •  6

      When the Country Concert at the CenturyLink Sells Out




    • 14

      Complaining about Shreveport on Facebook


    •  16

      Home After a Long Work Week


    • 17

      When The Work Week Starts Back Up


    •  18

      Looking for Something to Do in Shreveport










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