After two and a half months of wrongful incarceration, an East Texas woman is free today.  29 year old Longview resident Jessica Erin Archer was arrested on August 15th when she reported to a probation officer on an unrelated charge.  Officials took her into custody after discovering a warrant for her arrest based on a charge from 2015.  A suspect with the same first and last name had been named in a firearm theft case, and Jessica Erin Archer's was wrongly identified in the warrant.

According to the Longview News Journal, the error occurred when a former investigator working under a former sheriff misidentified Archer.  Officials say it is common for the incarcerated to claim their innocence, so it was not easy to bring this injustice to light.  The Upshur County Sheriff's office was notified of their mistake on November 1st, and according to KLTV - they released her right away.

Jessica has retained the council of attorney Brent Goudarzi from Gilmer to represent her in the ensuing legal action.

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