At this time last year, Haughton's Dak Prescott was preparing for the NFL Draft. He was entering the process as one of the biggest "unknown" products in the eyes of NFL teams. Some projections had him going as high as the late First Round, and some even had him going undrafted.

The 2016 NFL Draft had three QBs that a ton of people had pegged for the first round, Jared Goff and Carson Wentz were fighting for the #1 overall pick, and Paxton Lynch was projected to be right behind them. But the next batch of QBs was VERY unbalanced. Names like Christian Hackenberg, Jacoby Brissett, Cody Kessler, and Connor Cook were all mixed in with Dak Prescott...and all 7 of those names went before Dak did.

With all of the conversation around the other names, and Dak, he ended up going as the 37th pick of the 4th Round. That was pick #135 overall. But the biggest story about his selection, was who picked him...the Dallas Cowboys.

Being from Haughton, Dak was raised in the shadow of the Cowboys franchise. Geographically closer to Dallas than New Orleans.

After he was drafted, there were multiple events that unfolded that led to Dak taking over the starting quarterback position, and ultimately a magical season. But looking back at what people were saying about Dak before and during the Draft really shows you just how much the "experts" know.

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