There's been plenty of discussion about the lights out on the Texas Street Bridge (Neon Bridge), but you don't hear much about lighting on the major interstate in Shreveport.

Over the past 3 months, I have actually been counting how many street lights in lampposts are out on I-20 from Spring Street to Pines Road. I travel this route every morning on my way to work and counting the lights passes the time (I could be texting). The situation has gotten pretty bad. I wonder who I should report the problem to? Does the city maintain the lights or is it the state? Swepco is responsible for some of them. I sent my initial list to Swepco to let them know about the problem.

I-20 Traffic

Here's my list of lights out on the main highway through Shreveport:

Hearne to Jewella -- 30 lights out
Jewella to Monkhouse -- 25 lights out
Monkhouse to I-220 -- 25 lights out
I-220 to Pines Road -- 20 lights out
Spring to Common -- 20 lights out

Additionally, Hearne westbound on-ramp is dark, Spring Street headed into downtown a third of the lights out and all of the lights on Westport are out.

Swepco has acted quickly to send me this response:

"Most of these are the state's responsibility, especially any along the interstates and on/exit ramps.  One of our supervisors in Shreveport, will go out and look at all of them to determine who is responsible for changing the bulbs".

I have sent my list to the folks at DOTD. We'll see how soon the light bulbs are changed.

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