Over the last year, Louisiana has experienced a significant jump in the number of residents with gainful employment.  Since last September the Bayou State has seen a grand total of 16,600 more jobs added to the official numbers - but that hasn't been good for everyone.

According to the Advocate, 1,983,400 Louisianans are holding down work as of last count. The biggest winner was manufacturing, adding 5,300 jobs since September.  Education and Health Service came in second, with 3,400 new jobs, followed closely by construction.  Not every sector registered growth however, the state government reportedly shed around  2,400 jobs in the same time.

Locally, investments in manufacturing are already showing signs.  Local steelmaker Ternium USA just announced that it would be expanding it's Shreveport operations, and adding several well paid positions with benefits after a multi-million dollar upgrade.

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