Debt is a major concern in American life. It's rare to find any adults in the country who are debt free. From cars, to homes, and even items like couches and video game systems. Our country's economy is largely dependent on our desire to buy on credit.

But that comes at a price. With a newly published report, that price may be higher in Louisiana than anywhere else in the country. The Louisiana Radio Network takes a deeper look:

"Many Americans are swimming in debt and getting in deeper than ever. One report suggests total household debt has risen to 13-trillion-dollars for 2017.  Louisiana appears to be America’s capital of past due debt, with almost half of its residents in debt that has gone into collections.  Professor of Economics at Xavier University of Louisiana Dr. Jose Bautista says a lot of workers aren’t making enough money.

Another reason credit debt is so high is the lack of a savings account. Dr. Bautista says most are left with no choice but to use credit cards for emergencies, but it starts a slippery downhill slide.

Medical bills are a large part of financial distress, especially if there isn’t enough insurance coverage. Dr. Bautista says the best thing for a person to do is to quit using credit cards, establish a savings plan and work up from there to try to eliminate debt."

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