Louisiana Congressman Clay Higgins is extending the olive branch to NFAC leader Grandmaster Jay.

The NFAC is an Atlanta-based paramilitary organization that will be hosting a peaceful protest this Saturday at 4 p.m. in Parc Sans Souci in Downtown Lafayette. The NFAC (Not F****** Around Coalition) will be marching to protest the fatal officer-involved shooting death of Trayford Pellerin.

LCG is aware of the event and spokesman Jamie Angelle says while permits were applied for, law enforcement "will obviously have officers and security there to protect both spectators and marchers."

A few weeks ago, Louisiana Congressman Clay Higgins warned that anyone who threatened Lafayette would be met with force in a Facebook post that was taken down by Facebook for violating their terms of service.


Higgins has definitely changed his tune on the NFAC, apologizing for the Facebook post and insisting that he was initially wrong about their organization and what they stand for.

Power speaks to power, and I recognize that there’s a greater power above both of us,” Johnson says into his phone on the video, accepting an invitation to meet at Higgins’ home. “I would be honored to set foot inside your castle. I look forward to speaking to you.

You can get all the details here via The Current, but in the meantime, we will wait and see how things unfold after the weekend. You can also read more about the NFAC here.

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