This weekend, football fans and part-goers alike will watch the Super Bowl with friends and family. If crawfish is on the cookout menu, things are looking good.

It's no secret that we actively look for reasons to eat crawfish here in Louisiana. For us, there's no such thing as too much crawfish, and the worst thing we can ever hear is "sold out". If you're looking to put together a big crawfish boil for the big game, then you're in luck as long as you're here in the great state of Louisiana.

Crawfish farmers in our state are reporting a nice haul this season, even with the cold weather and cold water. That means that no matter how big your Super Bowl party is, there will certainly be enough crawfish to go around, according to LSU AgCenter.

So remember, no matter who is playing in the Super Bowl, the real winner are the hundreds of thousands of Louisianians who will no doubt be suckin' heads and rippin' tails.

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