If my Mom still roamed this Earth I would pick up the phone and call her and tell her, "See you can make something of yourself by playing pinball all day." As you might imagine pinball was a sore subject around my house growing up. I love the game. My Mom thought I should be reading and studying and making something of myself.

Well, Mom, the joke is on you. You can be something and play pinball. Just ask Preston Moncla. Preston earned the title of Louisiana State Champion over the weekend at the state pinball competition in Lake Charles.

The Louisiana IFPA Championship tournament featured 16 pinball wizards from around the state. When the dust had settled or the flippers quit flippin' Preston Moncla was determined to be the best of the best. Preston will now travel to Denver Colorado in March. That's where the National version of the IFPA tournament will be held.

You're probably trying to figure out what IFPA stands for, aren't you? You know it has something to do with pinball, but where does the "F" figure in? IFPA is an acronym for the International Flipper Pinball Association.  So, not only have we learned that there is a Louisiana pinball champion. There is a national pinball champion and I am going out on a limb here, an international champion as well.

Waste your life playing pinball? No Mom, I am a world champion, well I'm not but Preston Moncla could be.


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