gives Louisiana a D rating following new analysis that shows Louisiana has $15.8 billion available to pay nearly $38 billion worth of bills.

“We give states a ‘D’ grade if their taxpayer burden is between $5,000 and $20,000.  Your state has a long way to go because it is at $17,700,” said Truth in Accounting CEO Sheila Weinberg.

Weinberg highlights the state’s pension debt of $9.4 billion and retiree healthcare debt of $9.6 billion as a major factor.

“To make matters worse, the state isn’t putting any money aside to fund those retiree healthcare benefits,” said Weinberg.

Weinberg says the state should not roll the financial burden of retiree healthcare onto future taxpayers.

“Because they are not receiving any services or benefits from that retiree, they worked for other taxpayers,” said Weinberg.

Overall, the state ranks 40th in the nation.

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