Non-profit organization Save the Children has been championing children's issues around the world for close to 100 years.  The watchdog group watches for signs that kids are in danger.  The danger of starvation, war, disease, and more are constantly threatening to rob these precious children of their childhood if not their very lives.  I would like to say that these problems are far away from home, but the truth is: Some of the circumstances that have proven to be the most detrimental to childhood development exist in the U.S.  To make matters worse, after crunching the numbers - Save the Children has determined that the worst state in America for protecting the childhood experience is (drum roll) Louisiana!

The End of Childhood 2018 report is a scathing indictment of how the Bayou State handles kids issues. The report tracks events it calls "Childhood Enders," to create the rankings, and for the second year in a row - Louisiana has finished last.  Things like child deaths, malnourishment rates, dropout rates, child homicide and suicide rates, and teen birth rates are all considered "Childhood Enders," and they all factor into the equation.

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