If you won the Louisiana Lottery's "Pick 3" or "Pick 4" this past Saturday, congratulations!  Also, you might want to hold off on that diamond-encrusted iPhone 8. According to WWLTV, the Louisiana Lottery experienced a technical glitch when they announced the winning numbers on Saturday night.  That glitch allowed the wrong numbers to be displayed, and a lot of dreams to be crushed.  According to the broadcast, the winning numbers that were announced for "Pick 3" were "1-1-1" and "2-2-2" for "Pick 4."  The correct numbers were actually 0-4-7 for "Pick 3" and 3-1-8-4 for "Pick 4."

Before you start thinking that the lottery should start handing out money to folks who thought they won, consider this: the Lottery only draws the numbers, Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) produces the show and sends it to participating TV stations.  The Lottery commission pulls the numbers, then they verify them.  After the very thorough verification, the results are faxed (hello 1993) to the TV station for the broadcast.  That seems to be where the issue occurred.

The Lottery commission claims the correct numbers were posted to their website.