According to reports and Baton Rouge Police spokesman Sgt. Don A. Coppola Jr., 42-year-old Baton Rouge resident Miquel Angel Lopez was arrested on charges of 2nd degree murder.

The Advocate reports when police arrived on the grisly scene, they found Lopez's ex-girlfriend, 41-year-old Sara Hernandez, dead from a knife wound to her neck.  She had died some 10-14 hours earlier.  To make the scene more disturbing, officers also found her accused murderer, Lopez ,suffering from several defensive wounds and a serious cut across the stomach that would lead to the discovery of severe intestinal wounds.  Allegedly, after slitting her throat - he remained at the scene of the crime until police arrived.

Allegedly, the warning signs were there.  Sara Hernandez's current boyfriend told the Advocate that Miquel had once attacked and strangled her on one occasion, and threatened to kill her and himself on another. Lopez is currently being held in the Parish Prison, charged with 2nd degree murder.

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