It finally happened! I went to a local lottery retailer on Saturday and plopped down $3 dollars for a Powerball ticket with the Power Play. I turned my $3 into $12!

What? Were you expecting a story about someone from Louisiana winning a life-changing $200 plus million? That didn't happen.

Not only did it not happen for me, it didn't happen for anyone else either in Saturday night's Powerball drawing. The ever growing jackpot prize in the multi-state lottery game continues to grow.

By Wednesday officials with the Powerball expect the big jackpot amount to be $255 million. The one-time cash option is expected to be $154.4 million. It might be more since more and more people are getting interested in playing the game. The total jackpot is based on the total number of tickets sold.

The winning numbers in Saturday's draw were:

06-13-16-17-52-PB 25

There was also no winner of the Match 5 plus Powerball game. There was one winning ticket sold in Texas that was good for the $1 million prize for matching all five of the white balls.

My Powerball windfall came from matching the Powerball and having the multiplier purchased too. If you were wondering, I don't intend to quit my job here at the radio station. I think I will take my $12 bucks and invest in king cake or boudin.

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