This may be the quickest way to book a night in your local jail.

A man from Ouachita Parish made headlines after he was accused of slapping a Monroe police officer. What's more alarming than the sentence you just read is how it all actually went down.

This past Sunday night (Oct. 24), a Monroe police officer says he was driving in the 1800 block of Grammont Street when he was flagged down by Troy Davis. The officer says Davis approached his driver-side window, greeting him by saying "What's up, man?"

Facebook, Monroe Police Department
Facebook, Monroe Police Department

Before the officer could even respond, he says that Davis slapped him in the face. If that wasn't bad enough, Davis reportedly followed up the slap by saying "F*** the police," before attempting to walk away.

He didn't get far before being arrested and slapped with a felony charge of battery on a police officer.

Historically, slapping police has never really gone over well. I remember seeing a naked man slap an officer in Houston and get tased immediately.

I often assume that people are usually going through things, battling issues, or demons—but regardless of the reasoning, slapping cops usually ends up being a terrible move.

Today's lesson: Don't slap cops. Actually—don't slap anyone.

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