A Louisiana Catholic school principal found himself in some hot water during a school field trip in D.C.

47-year old Michael Comeau was the principal at Holy Family Catholic School in Port Allen. Comeau was chaperoning a school field trip to Washington D.C. last week when he slipped away to a strip club. According to reports, the West Baton Rouge Parish principal got drunk at the strip club and allegedly refused to pay his bill—so the club called the cops and the rest (including his job) is history.

When police arrived, Comeau was standing in the road refusing to move and was subsequently arrested for public intoxication. He almost immediately resigned as principal after being at Holy Family Catholic for five years. There was also a report of Comeau having a service dog with him at the time of the arrest, but the police report didn't reflect those details.

Check out the full story here at The Advocate.

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