In hindsight, this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise considering everyone knows how incredible our Louisiana teachers are!

The website has ranked all of our states based on the average teaching salary. When I stumbled across this article, I will be completely honest, I was expecting to find Louisiana dead last or close to it.

So, when I saw "LA" listed at number one, I was sure I was reading the results backwards, or maybe their was another state with the "LA" abbreviation that i somehow forgot about. Nope, Louisiana came in at number one when it comes to teacher salaries.

Now, after digging a little bit, I learned the ranking isn't based primarily on the actual dollar amount. For instance, in Louisiana the average salary for a teacher is $40,303. While that is above what most other states are reporting, it's still behind states like New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Texas.

Instead, this ranking was determined primarily based on teacher salaries in each state compared to the average salary employees are making in other jobs. The average Louisiana teacher salary is just 5.5% less than the average salary other Louisianians are making in other fields of work.

That's pretty good when you look at the opposite end of the spectrum. Colorado finished dead last, with their teachers making 40% less than everyone else.

While this is good for our state, I know we all can agree that our teachers deserve more.

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