Imagine walking out your front door and almost stepping on a ginormous alligator!?!?!? That's exactly what happened to a Louisiana resident late last week!

I can't imagine the thoughts that went through this person's head when they looked down and saw where there foot was fixing to land. I'm sure they darn near turned themselves inside out trying to twist away. Lots of folks probably dream of alligator bags and boots when they see a giant lizard like this, but I'm pretty sure I'd never foot set foot in that house again... heck, I might even set fire to it for good measure!

This beast showed up on the doorstep of a home in Breaux Bridge, located in St. Martin Parish Friday, October 5, 2018. Authorities aren't sure how far it traveled to get there, but they warned folks to, 'Always look before you step!' Sage advice, indeed!

KATC reports that the alligator was removed from the home's front porch.

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