Art work by the late George Rodrigue, a native of New Iberia, LA, is being used as an incentive to vote in Louisiana.

Louisiana Secretary of State, Tom Schedler, has teamed with Rodrigue's widow, Wendy, and his sons, Jacques and Andre, to create this unique way to entice Louisiana residents to vote in the 2016 Presidential election.

The 'I Voted' sticker was unveiled today using an original work by Rodrigue called Stand Up Straight and Tall from 2001. The work is from his iconic Blue Dog series. The family gave Schedler permission to use the image which is a part of the collection housed at the New Orleans Museum of Art.

With the price of original works by George Rodrigue starting in the range of thousands of dollars, having a piece, albeit a small print, from him is priceless. Here's a big thank you to the family for allowing this to happen.