A new law is now in effect that requires restaurants serving foreign shrimp or crawfish to post notices about the food's country of origin on menus or on a sign posted at the main entrance of the establishment.

This is part of a law that was signed by state government back in June.

“We’re going to make sure that the consumers who come to Louisiana, and those who live here, will just know what they’re eating,” Governor John Bel Edwards said. “If they prefer and want to request Louisiana seafood, then they’re going to be able to do that. Otherwise, they’re going to eat at a restaurant and just assume that they’re eating Louisiana seafood."

Lawmakers feel that imported seafood is a health concern. Shrimp from other countries can be loaded with antibiotics and toxins.

Earlier this year, you may recall dock owner Dean Blanchard voicing his concerns in a now-viral video. He pled with lawmakers to require owners to be transparent.

Weeks later, a bill was passed requiring restaurant owners to print on their menu if their shrimp or crawfish is imported.

The Louisiana Department of Health will be enforcing this new law. Restaurants that don't comply will face violations of the state sanitary code.



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