October 1st will be here before you know it, do you have your Real ID yet?

Just a few days ago I was at the DMV and noticed signs every where counting down to October 1st. I asked one of the employees what's going on, and they informed me that October 1st is the deadline for Americans to have their Real ID. The Real ID of course is a national ID that Americans must have starting in October.

I do not have mine, yet, and to be honest, I don't think I know anyone who has gotten theirs yet.

Louisiana Senator John Kennedy agrees and is attempting to delay Real ID with the help of President Trump.

Kennedy is request the deadline to get your real ID be extended by one year. It's currently estimated that 125 Million people in America do not have their Real ID yet. If the deadline is not extended, that means life for millions of Americans would be affected in October. Without that Real ID, you won't be able to fly. Just imagine the chaos at airports around the country.

Senator Kennedy has officially asked the President to step in, although he hasn't commented publicly yet.

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