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Don't believe us? We've got proof!

How many shoes are too many? According to Shaneco.com, Louisiana ranks 9th in the country when it comes to owning 16 pairs of shoes or more.

Owning sixteen pairs of shoes sounds like a lot, but when I opened my own closet, I realize that I easily have double that amount. If I'm being honest, it's more like triple. Don't judge me! I can't speak for anyone else, but when I need some retail therapy, shoes and handbags are usually what I go for. Why? Because trying on clothes can leave you in a bad mood. Shoes never disappoint! That must be why 64% of the people in this study say they'd rather give up alcohol than their favorite pair of shoes.

When ladies rock a killer pair of heels, our legs look longer and our butt looks better. Plus, it puts a nice sway in your step. However, when I say 'killer' heels, I really mean that some of them are killer! 82% of the women in the study agree that heels are the least comfortable pair of shoes they wear, but beauty is pain, right?

Edgaras Kurauskas / Getty Stock / ThinkStock

So, how much money do you have sitting in your closet? 20% of respondents say they've spent $200 - $499 on a pair of shoes. That may seem excessive, but my riding boots (I ride horses) cost more than that. That's why I take really good care of them! I justify the expense by saying they're really safety equipment, not a fashion choice. Of course, that argument is hard to use for a new pair of Jimmy Choos!

How many pairs of shoes do you own? How many pairs of shoes are too many? Inquiring minds want to know! You can get more shoe stats and take a look at the state-by-state rankings at ShaneCo.com.

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