A teacher from Sabine Parish is behind bars after accusations of indecent behavior with a student.

John Anthony Booker, who goes by the name, "Jay", is charged with two counts of indecent behavior with juveniles. Currently, Booker is an instructor at Sabine Career Academy, although the alleged indecent behavior took place at his previous school.

Before becoming an instructor at Sabine Career Academy, Booker was a teacher/coach at Many High School. The accusations against Booker come from a student at that high school, who claims Booker behaved inappropriately towards her in late 2019.

He is currently being held on a $10,000 bond.

This news is incredibly troublesome considering what took place at Many High School in October of last year, and who was involved. Last year, as many of you may remember, the principal of Many High School was arrested for sexual battery, oral sexual battery, misdemeanor sexual battery, and two counts of indecent behavior with juveniles for alleged sexual activity with students. The crimes were allegedly committed over twenty years ago. His name? Normal Booker III. Yes, John Anthony Booker's older brother was arrested as the sitting principal of Many High School for these heinous acts just a year ago.

We'll keep you updated on news regarding John Anthony Booker.



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