When you drop off your little one at school, day care, or really anywhere - you expect that the professionals there will care and look out for them.  However, horrible stories of abuse and mistreatment are not uncommon.  Believe me, this one stands out.

According to WKRG.com, 28 year old Heather Marcotte was arrested earlier this week for felony cruelty to a juvenile.  The charges stem from an incident that occurred at Northlake Christian School in Covington, Louisiana on October 25th.  Shortly after 4pm, a parent contacted authorities after noticing what looked like a bite mark on her 2 year old son's cheek.  The child's mother was reportedly told by administrators that the mark was left after the teacher's mouth accidentally hit his face.  They also told her that the teacher had been terminated.

During the investigation, Marcotte told detectives that she purposely bit the child on the face after becoming agitated and angry with the boy's behavior.

Heather Marcotte is currently being held in the St. Tammany Parish Jail.

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