While we all can agree that teachers deserve so much more, a start is a start, and this raise is a good sign.

It's rare in 2019 politics that anything passes unanimously but that's exactly what happened in the Louisiana House where the bill that would give K-12 teachers a raise, as well as increased public education funding passed without a single NO vote.

Of course as many of you remember, teachers and their pay was a key running point for Governor John Bel Edwards when he was seeking election. This is a big win for our governor, finally following through on a promise made on the campaign trail.

The raise itself for teachers will be exactly $1,000, support personnel will receive a $500 raise, and public school funding state-wide will receive $39 Million. The raises and the funding combined will cost the state an extra $140 Million a year.

Once again, we all know they deserve more, but congrats to our hard-working teachers on finally getting a little support from our state.

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