Louisiana Tech's Athletic Department is bringing back their Bulldog Blitz tour for this summer, but they appear to be skipping the "Louisiana" part of Louisiana Tech.

According to the Louisiana Radio Network, the tour won't be stopping anywhere in the state, outside of Ruston:

"Louisiana Tech says it’s also bringing back the Bulldog Blitz tour during the summer of 2017. Alumni and fans are encouraged to spend an evening with athletics staff members in Houston on June 19th, Dallas on June 20th and Ruston on July 29th. Special guests include head coaches Skip Holtz, Brooke Stoehr and Eric Konkol and Athletics Director Tommy McClelland."

Now it's understandable that they're going to find money in Dallas and Houston, but just the optics of this seem off. A Louisiana-based school will be doing 66% of their summer tour stops in Texas? Just on circumstance, they should make a Monroe and Shreveport stop. Maybe mix in a Lake Charles stop and even go all the way down to New Orleans for a night.

I guess I just feel like if I was a La Tech alumni living in Bossier, and I saw this, I'd highly question the motivations of the programs.

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